Hey! I’m Tim ūüôā

That’s me!

I started Studio 72 because I want to help people burn stubborn belly fat, tone up, and transform their body into one they can be proud of.

I offer one-on-one personal training in a private setting Рno sweaty gym goers staring at you as you train, and no walking half-way across the gym to find a free space. You can even bring your own music if you want!

I’ve found this private, supportive environment is fantastic for people who:

  • Aren’t entirely sure what they should be doing to get started with weight loss – in both nutrition and exercise
  • Are a bit intimidated by all the confusing-looking machines and fit people strutting around the gym
  • Recognize that they need some accountability and professional guidance
  • Are willing to invest in themselves

If the above sounds like you then keep reading!


There are two processes I’ll take you through when you train with me to get to that dream body.

1. Sustainable Body Fat Reduction

Whether your goal is simply to look great for the beach or to shift 20kg that has crept up over the last 5 years, losing body fat is not easy.

There are many ‘fad’ diets out there that claim (and often deliver) swift results. As a consequence, people start to believe that “dieting” is the only solution to losing weight. However, they soon realise that this approach is not sustainable. After burning out on the diet, their weight returns to their pre-diet state fairly quickly.

At Studio 72 I discount this approach and focus on sustainable weight loss. This takes longer and requires more hard work, but as a result you will be able to keep the weight off Рforever.

What most people fail to take into account is that¬†a lifestyle change is required¬†and there is no quick fix to weight loss.¬†¬†By no means do you have to take drastic steps immediately in order to achieve this, but rather a gradual shift, slowly changing numerous small behaviours and habits. I will personally coach you through this. We will dig into your diet and slowly build eating habits that allow you to enjoy foods that you love while still losing weight. We won’t be counting calories, following strict meal plans, or anything of that sort.

Of course, we’ll be exercising too! Regular exercise is very important and of course you’ll be performing the most efficient sessions with me, specifically designed to burn body fat. This brings me to process number two:

2. Increasing Lean Muscle

If you’re sick of flat, saggy muscles – you need to read this.

I’m here to tell you why increasing lean muscle tone is the #1 thing you should be striving for to lose weight and transform your body.

Simply put, muscle is metabolically active – muscle consumes calories just to maintain itself. The more muscle tone you have, the more calories you’ll burn in a day without even exercising!

If you’re looking to add muscle, regular resistance training is a must. But in order to achieve the best results, simply going to the gym and moving from machine to machine for an hour won’t cut it. Weight machines are the¬†least effective¬†way to build¬†muscle.

I’ll show you how to control free weights and your bodyweight in a functional way, so not only do you get strong, toned, and fit, but you’ll surprise yourself when you effortlessly pick up a heavy, I’d-better-call-the-husband-to-lift-this box off the floor.

I also really want to stress, because I doubt that you want to “bulk up”, that as a female, you won’t be adding “bulky” muscle. The style of training we will use will keep you lean and toned – your actual muscle size will stay fairly constant.

In reality it takes very specialized training regimes and eating plans to achieve this bulkiness as a female. This is incredibly hard to do and in direct opposition of the training and nutrtition I will take you through.


3. BONUS Р Injury Rehabilitation and Postural Correction

As a university educated trainer, I know exactly how to work around your injuries. Don’t let that stop you from coming in! In fact, check out Rick and Mark’s success stories (both going from crippling knee pain to some of my strongest clients).

If it’s above my head to fix, I have a capable team of physiotherapists and massage therapists I’m happy to refer you to.

We’ll also have a look at your posture and I’ll take you through some cues if you need. A lot of my clients find their posture simply improves as a side-effect of training properly!


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