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Too Much Of A Good Thing!

Including wholesome, lean snacks into your diet can really take your weight loss to the next level, but don’t get carried away. The phrase ‘too much of a good thing’ applies here.
Adults who eat 4 or more snacks per day end up consuming almost 50% more total calories than other adults.
In order to avoid over-snacking, space your meals and snacks by 3 hours and keep snacks around 150 calories.
Need help with that? Go here.
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Let’s Talk Goals

Don’t allow past failures get you down. It can be frustrating waiting for results, but through a combination of cardio exercises, a healthy diet, and the right resistance workouts, you will reach your goal.
The guaranteed way to get to a goal?
Never. Give. Up.
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Use This Trick to 1/2 Liquid Calories!

I’m aware I may be a little late as the holidays are over, but a great strategy to reduce liquid calorie intake at parties (or really any situation where alcohol is around) is to drink a cup of water between each drink.
Essentially you’re knocking out half your liquid calories, not to mention you’ll stay in a better state!
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Think You Can

Henry Ford famously said, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are probably right.”
This is never more true than with a fitness and fat loss goal.
Do you think you can reduce your body fat? Do you think you can learn new, healthier eating habits? Do you think you can become that lean, fit version of yourself?
Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are probably right.
I personally know you CAN meet all of your fitness goals. That’s what I’ve dedicated my life to – seeing YOU experience results.
Book in for your free consultation today and let’s do this!
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The Whole Grain Debate

Grains are a food that health and fitness professionals can’t decide on. I’ll set it straight for you in 200 words:
Some profess gluten (an ingredient in most bread) is a poison and you should never touch a slice of bread, while others tout bread as a staple component of any healthy diet.
As usual, the right answer is in fact subjective, and lies somewhere in the middle for most people.
Let’s get a few things straight about bread.
-Bread does have a lot of calories relative to it’s weight
-Gluten is tolerated very well by a large amount of people, but not all
-Gluten intolerance is not black and white – many can have a minor intolerance and barely notice any effects, while others can have major reactions.
So is bread right for you in your weight loss diet?
If you can eat bread and feel good (i.e. not bloated, tired, or any other negative effects), you are very unlikely to have issues with digesting gluten. If you’re unsure, cut out all gluten for a month and see if you feel different.
Bread has a decent amount of calories in it compared to other foods, but it is not inherently unhealthy, unless you can’t tolerate it, as discussed above.
Therefore, I wouldn’t recommend using bread as a staple of your diet, but there’s nothing wrong with having a sandwich a couple times a week!
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The Weekly Cheat!

A little balance in life is important. So while eating healthy most of the time is essential for flat abs, it’s OK to enjoy a weekly cheat.
The rules of the cheat day are simple: control your calories but loosen up on the content of your diet. So you’ve been craving pizza all week long? Enjoy a slice or two on your cheat day.
Notice I said a slice or two and not the whole pizza. Indulge with control!
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Weekly Health Tip

The Way Nature Intended
Food that’s untouched and unprocessed is always going to be the healthiest. See how many real, whole foods you can fit into your diet, while cutting out the packaged foods.
You’ll be pleasantly surprised how quickly your body transforms when you eat food prepared the way nature intended.
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The Truth About Emotional Eating

It happens with most of us.
You have a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day… and at the end of it you turn to food.
There’s a reason that it’s called comfort food. While you’re eating it you feel better.
The problem is – when you’re done eating it you actually feel worse.
It’s a escape, a temporary indulgence that feels great for the few minutes you’re eating, then you’re back to where you before.
Obviously that’s a poor long-term solution, so what can you do about it? Two things:
  • Solve the actual problem. If it was a conflict at work, call the person and apologize. If you were slammed with meetings all day and didn’t get half of what you wanted to get done, sit down for 20 minutes and get at least part of it out of the way. You’ll feel a hell of a lot better after.
  • Find another comforting habit. It could be playing an instrument, video games, reading a book, meditation, or training your ass off with an awesome PT (I know just the guy…). The point is to de-stress. Without gaining kilos.
I can help you out fixing not only this habit, but ALL of your unhealthy habits that are holding you back from feeling good, looking fantastic, and generally having a healthy and happy life.
Give me a ring right now and let’s sort them out – 0275277853 
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Weekly Health Tip

Don’t Forget This!
When you’re trying to lose weight. DO NOT disregard how important your stress levels are.
Sure, life can be overwhelming and stressful, but understand that mismanaged stress will have a negative impact on your hormones, which promotes fat storage.
If you’re constantly stressed out, you can eat and exercise perfectly – but you will not see the results you want.
Find ways to relax every day, in order to give your body a break from ‘fight of flight’ mode. Your scale will thank you!
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Weekly Health Tip

The Rocking Chair Effect!
Need another boost of motivation? Anthony Robbins uses this Rocking Chair Test to propel his students to action.
Imagine yourself at 90 years old, sitting in a rocking chair and looking back over your life.
Imagine that you never accomplished the goals that are important to you. Feel the pain of loss and regret.
Now imagine that you did accomplish these important goals. Feel the pleasure of success and accomplishment.
Which scenario do you want to experience when you are 90?