The Whole Grain Debate

Grains are a food that health and fitness professionals can’t decide on. I’ll set it straight for you in 200 words:
Some profess gluten (an ingredient in most bread) is a poison and you should never touch a slice of bread, while others tout bread as a staple component of any healthy diet.
As usual, the right answer is in fact subjective, and lies somewhere in the middle for most people.
Let’s get a few things straight about bread.
-Bread does have a lot of calories relative to it’s weight
-Gluten is tolerated very well by a large amount of people, but not all
-Gluten intolerance is not black and white – many can have a minor intolerance and barely notice any effects, while others can have major reactions.
So is bread right for you in your weight loss diet?
If you can eat bread and feel good (i.e. not bloated, tired, or any other negative effects), you are very unlikely to have issues with digesting gluten. If you’re unsure, cut out all gluten for a month and see if you feel different.
Bread has a decent amount of calories in it compared to other foods, but it is not inherently unhealthy, unless you can’t tolerate it, as discussed above.
Therefore, I wouldn’t recommend using bread as a staple of your diet, but there’s nothing wrong with having a sandwich a couple times a week!