Raina Ameer

Raina Before and AfterThe left picture is BT (before Tim). I have successfully lost weight several times. The challenge was always keeping it off. I had almost given up when I saw Tim advertise a three week free trial with guaranteed results. I mean who doesn’t like free stuff. It was the push I needed. Working with him I lost 8cm from my waist and hips in two months! His high intensity style of training is perfect for me because I hate spending hours in the gym. Just 30 minutes with Tim will leave you feeling like you want to die but it’s so rewarding at the same time (if that makes sense). How can such a nice guy make you do all those crazy circuits. But that’s the beauty of it. He pushes you and you realise that you are capable. And when he sees that you’re getting comfortable with his gruelling workouts, he switches it up again. BT I couldn’t plank to save my life. Now with Tim yelling at me in the background, I can hold a plank for a minute. Almost. Contact Tim to get you on the right track. What do you have to lose. 😉

Siobhan Holohan

Want to train in a positive, fun environment? Need expert, specialised advice? Interested in changing out your eating habits? Then Tim’s the boy man for you!

I definitely feel stronger, more energetic and more flexible after working with Tim for 6 months. Despite dragging my aging feet to two sessions a week, I always left with a renewed sense of energy and enthusiasm. Answers to questions and issues are only a text, email or phone call away and his approach to each individual is just that – individual! Tim is genuinely interested in helping me to set, monitor and achieve my goals and his unfailing optimism and encouragement has never failed to get just one more press-up, glute bridge or burpee out of me.

Donna Clifford

Tim has been my personal trainer for about a year now. He is always willing to share his expert knowledge and to answer questions. His tips on nutrition are excellent. Training sessions are well planned and structured around individual needs and goals. No matter what level you are at Tim is always keen to challenge your ability which keeps you motivated and has you achieving at a level that you didn’t think you were capable of reaching. Tim is energetic, fun, committed and inspirational… and I can’t recommend him enough.

Markelle Archer

Markelle ArcherI came to the studio for strengthening and adding muscle tone. Previously I felt very weak through my core and I had a lot of pain in my back. I lead a busy life and am pretty short on time, especially with looking after kids, but I’ve found that Tim’s sessions are quick and efficient and have really helped my core strength!

Emma Tucker

Before I started training with Tim I was rather a weakling. I would take the smallest bags in from the family shop and then hide in the kitchen to unpack rather than carry more. Now I carry the large bags, move the Mr out of the way and let him do the unpacking. I have loved aiming to feel strong and achieving this with Tim. I join in conversations at work about weight training, much to the delight of the younger men and often they are impressed.

Veronica Strickland

Veronica StricklandI approached Tim at Studio 72 for a personalised fitness programme two months ago. This was a big step for me as I have severe chronic asthma and have anxieties surrounding exercise and breathing. It is probably the best decision I have made in years! Tim is the first personal trainer who has really listened to me and what I wanted to achieve. He has been professional in all his assessments and advice and has motivated me to keep working towards my overall goals. The results clearly speak for themselves – 7cm reduction in waist girth, 4cm reduction in hip girth and a loss of 3.7kg over two months! I am on the road to steadily regaining my health and fitness. I recommend Tim as the person to speak to if you want to be motivated to get results.

Dame Therese Walsh

I started personal training sessions with Tim last year because he is local and came highly recommended.  He is a 5 minute car ride away and because he keeps the sessions to 30 minutes I am challenged but can still fit it in a busy schedule. Tim is an excellent, friendly, supportive trainer and he keeps things under constant review, tweaking and refreshing your programme to suit.  He also mixes up strength sessions with boxing each week which keeps things interesting. He is especially knowledgeable when it comes to injuries and rehabilitation and keeps his clients focused on their goals whatever comes up. I highly recommend you give him a try.

Leo Clifford

Since I’ve started with Studio 72 I’ve lost 5kg and I’m having a lot of fun…only another 15kg to go! I’d recommend Studio 72 to anyone who struggles with going to a regular gym to just work on the machines. Tim is very structured and mixes things up in his training regimes so it’s not boring.

Rick Stapa

Rick StapaTim’s incredible knowledge and expertise as a personal trainer has helped me to keep playing tennis. When I first came to see Tim I could hardly bend my knees and the pain and stiffness was so severe I could hardly sleep at night. Just walking normally was painful! My Orthopedic Specialist basically told me my cartilage had worn away and the only way for my knees to be pain-free was to give up tennis as I was too young for knee replacement. That was shocking news to me! And then I had the good fortune of being referred to Tim by a relative of mine, Mark Bouzaid, who had a similar problem to mine that had been resolved. Tim was very instrumental in putting the correct strength training programme together for me and after only 2 weeks the pain started to diminish. A couple of months later I was back on the tennis court and my knees are feeling great! During my progression, Tim would adjust the programme appropriately to include overall conditioning and core strength which added to my fitness, strength and wellbeing. I highly recommend Tim as a personal trainer who will help you reach your fitness goals.

Tyler Wickham

Having a personalized programme has made a huge difference to my training! I’ve worked with Tim in-person, and having his expertise and guidance when developing the details of my programme has honestly changed the game. I don’t have plateaus anywhere near as often now, and when I do I know how to get around it. I definitely endorse what Tim is offering, he knows his stuff.

Steve Mitchell


I first came to Studio 72 to try and eliminate (or at least reduce!) my lower back pain which I have had for quite some time. Recently it had worsened and was starting to cause some problems in my daily life. I have found the studio to be a professional and welcoming environment and have enjoyed working with trainer Tim towards this goal. He is friendly, knowledgeable, and has given me new motivation to pursue regular exercise. After around 1 month I noticed my back pain had vanished completely! I am no longer bothered by a nagging discomfort during my regular daily activities and I feel more comfortable with my posture. I have also noticed my energy levels have shot right up. Overall I have found the training to be a very positive experience and we have now switched our focus to adding on some lean muscle, something I never thought I would be interested in!

Adam Cooper

Before I started with Tim at I had constant back problems and was in poor shape physically. We set some achievable goals when I started and I am now stronger than I’ve ever been and I continue to get stronger weekly.

Back when I’d been training on my own, I struggled to get past 60kg on the bench. Now I have hit my 100kg target and I never thought I would ever do that.

The workouts are varied which keeps it interesting, and are tailored to work best for me. The support that Tim provides, along with regular adjustments and keeping my motivation up is the reason I come to him for coaching.

Mark Bouzaid

Mark BouzaidThree weeks ago I was in a huge amount of pain with my knees. After years of abuse and surgery on both of them, enough was enough. Tim has helped me make a huge improvement in such a short time and I’m starting to feel some confidence in my knees again. If anyone is thinking about joining a gym to get ready for summer, talk to Tim first. You won’t regret it.

Lance Wilson

Lance Wilson

I was going to the gym for a few years to try to lose fat and gain muscle, but because I had no idea what I was doing I was really struggling to reach my goals. I also found that my back was sore after heavy lifts like deadlifts and squats. When I started working with Tim in person we found that my programming was to blame. I was training some muscles too much and others too little, which was causing the pain. He pretty much overhauled my plan completely and showed me where I was going wrong. After a few weeks this got rid of the pain and meant I was able to work out better and lift heavier. It made me realize how much I didn’t know, and if I didn’t get help from someone like Tim then I would have never realized the issues my program had and could’ve caused myself some serious injuries.

Shaneel Kumar

Shaneel PictureI have been working with Tim towards my physique development for a couple of months now. He has worked with me on all on the big exercises like squats, deadlifts, and bench press. The quality of his coaching is impressive and he has taken a very personalized approach. I feel a lot more confident when lifting and get a lot more out of my gym training using his programming. I still train at a commercial gym, but having Tim’s experience as a coach is invaluable as he keeps me on track, keeps me learning, and makes changes to my training without me having to worry about what to do next. Overall a great trainer!